We are pleased to take the opportunity to give you a brief introduction of our company "DATOL EXPRESS COURIER SERVICE LTD." – which was founded in the year 2004 by some very experienced & well skilled people to provide a higher level of customer service currently available in the market place & also to provide professional cost effective alternative solutions for the commercial Sea / Air community with regard to their international consignments. Our mission is to provide shipping community with savings, alternatives and solutions to all of their logistic matters. We provide honest integrated services to all of our customers without taking into account the size / volume of the shipment to get their product in the market well in time. We
have developed a network of professionals across the country, who are committed to this course.

Its first development involved the need to established professional business people who have a recover of experience as regards international and local freight forwarding business.

DATOL EXPRESS COURIER SERVICE LTD., have branches in all major cargo generating cities of the world, where there is an international airport, sea or dry port. To meet the increasing sophisticated demands of our customers and to provide them full range of services, we are looking to extend our scope of business with your organization as well.